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Social Assistance Services

Urban Services, adopting a humanitarian approach and in the context of highlighting human value, has developed care services that are provided free of charge to our fellow human beings who really need it!

The conditions of recent years require activation and effective action. Offering work and any charitable assistance must be a collective responsibility. Urban Services, recognizing the value of the offer, is next to anyone who needs its help, offering to the whole community.

In an effort of support and practical help and having a high sense of social responsibility and solidarity with our fellow human beings, we launch a great initiative by providing non-profit services to social groups that need special care.

Our many years of operation and our experience, combined with the trust you have shown us, pushed us to create a day care unit for the elderly, paraplegics, bedridden and people with severe mobility problems. Recipients of our help are generally people who cannot easily self-serve and face serious social and economic problems that do not allow them to respond to the daily living conditions of the time.

The goal of our unit is to provide assistance to groups of people who experience special difficulties, with the ultimate goal of supporting, relieving and improving their quality of life. Our unpaid services help with bathing, dressing and other daily activities aimed at enhancing the autonomy and independent living of our fellow human beings in need.

The human resources of our unit are possessed by a sense of responsibility, respect and solidarity, offering warm and comprehensive care according to the needs of each individual.

Through such actions, we expect to raise awareness of society and to cultivate a sense of responsibility and selflessness, in order to highlight the importance of offering to those in dire need.