Cleaning Services

Urban Services

Cleaning & Disinfection Services

Our company has been active for years in the field of cleaning and hygiene, providing a wide range of integrated cleaning and disinfection services. Having many years of experience, well-trained and experienced staff and specialized equipment, we undertake special cleaning projects with responsibility, consistency and professionalism.

The services provided concern us with the following facilities:

Hospitals - Clinics - Laboratories

Public Transport - Passenger Stations

Hotel Units

Critical Facilities - Industrial Areas

Banks - Offices

Shopping Centers - Entertainment Spaces

Universities - Places of Education

Pleasure Boats - Passenger Boats

Management of Large Outdoor or Indoor Areas

Energy Upgrade & Maintenance of Building Facilities

Cleaning and disinfection services:

Graffiti removal and protection

Window pane cleaning, regardless of access and height

Cleaning of vertical surfaces regardless of height (orthomarbles)

Cleaning of false ceilings

Cleaning - Crystallization of floors

Marble cleaning

Cleaning of monuments

Duct cleaning, maintenance of air conditioning units

Disinfestation Services

Our company provides disinfestation services in order to combat and eliminate all kinds of unwanted insects. Our goal is to avoid creating a source of infection and potential risk to both the environment and the production process.

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