Security of tertiary sector

Security of tertiary sector

The Tertiary Sector is the system of circulation and exchange of services and goods, creating the frameworks for the smooth operation of all sectors of the economy. This sector of economic activity includes trade, banks and government agencies in the tertiary sector (education, health, justice, and defense), etc. Its great economic importance requires appropriate and continuous professional monitoring and protection.


To ensure the protection of goods, services and persons in the tertiary sector, URBAN Services provides security and protection services by specially trained staff, with specialized knowledge and many years of experience in the surveillance of premises and the protection of people.

Risk prevention and management

Pedestrian and vehicle access control

Patrol and guarding of facilities with privately owned cars

Control through electronic closed circuit monitoring systems

Check luggage at the entrances and exits of stores

Control through electronic closed circuit monitoring systems

Intervention and prevention of malicious actions

Parking monitoring and security

Safety, fire safety and provision of first aid

Intervention and provision of first aid

Firefighting principles and protection against fire hazard (according to applicable rules and standards)

Monitoring of technical installations


Specialized service

Use of a drone with a thermal camera in areas over three acres.

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