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VIP Security

URBAN Services, guided by the improvement of the quality of its services and responding to the needs of its customers, has expanded its activities in the field of luxury car rental services, escort of security staff, for VIP transportation. Many circumstances such as the transport of very important persons require a special means of transport and require specialized protection services.


Our company has an excellent modern fleet of limousines as well as luxury and non-luxury vehicles, ideal for any occasion. Our privately owned vehicles are constantly updated and upgraded to have the most complete and modern equipment (air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, cd-player, ABS etc.) to provide maximum safety, comfort and luxury during your movement.


Our specialized services include the complete support of our customers by providing security and transportation services by a well-trained team of experienced professional drivers-guards on a 24-hour basis.

The VIP security staff is well trained to comply with all Senior Safety Principles in order to manage any unwanted situation, while adhering to all the usual good manners and behavior protocols of Senior Safety Specialists. Our main priority is to provide high quality services and transport our customers safely, discreetly and responsibly.



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