Security of hotel units

Security of hotel units

One of the key priorities of hotel businesses is to ensure the satisfaction and safety of their customers. Based on this, URBAN Services provides a discreet and effective security and protection system, the purpose of which is to maintain the “customer experience” while ensuring its security.


Our staff has many years of experience in similar positions while ethics, courtesy and a sense of service are just some of the characteristics of our agents. Our main goal is to protect the assets of the hotel and the customers as well as to ensure the physical integrity of the staff and the customers, always with a discreet presence, responsibility, professionalism.

Our services also include:

Gate access control

Control and recording of incoming and outgoing pedestrians and vehicles

Control of loads of incoming and outgoing vehicles

Static storage

Control through electronic closed circuit monitoring systems

Patrol and guarding of the hotel unit and its perimeter with privately owned cars


Specialized service

Use of a drone with a thermal camera in areas over three acres.

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