Security of stations & transport networks

Security of stations & transport networks

Stations and transport networks accept large numbers of passengers on a daily basis and for this reason are considered places where there is a high level of risk: theft, aggression, terrorism, sabotage, etc. Following the terrorist attacks in European Union countries, the security and safety of these infrastructures is considered imperative, while, in exceptional cases, the search for luggage by private security agents is now allowed.


Our main goal is to minimize the presence of risks that may be detrimental to human life, property and the operational functions of these infrastructures. URBAN Services, in order to meet these challenges and ensure the safety of the premises and people, provides integrated security and protection solutions which include:

Risk prevention and management

Pedestrian and vehicle access control

Patrol and guarding of facilities with privately owned cars

Static monitoring services

Explosives detection and detection equipment

Detection of suspicious objects and parcels

Control through electronic closed circuit monitoring systems

Intervention in case of alarm

Safety, fire safety and provision of first aid

Intervention and provision of first aid

Principles of firefighting and protection against the risk of fire


Specialized service

Use of a drone with a thermal camera in areas over three acres.

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