Security of Public institutions and large buildings

Security of Public institutions and large buildings

Public Institutions are categorized according to the nature of their activity and the number of people they host and according to their category are subject to special security regulations. Public Institutions include a large number of facilities such as schools, universities, hospitals, libraries, courts, etc.

However, tall buildings are also subject to a special article. This article is governed by a special decree which sets out the safety regulations for the construction and protection of tall buildings from the risk of fire and emergency. These regulations apply to tall buildings used as residences, hotels, control towers, buildings for sanitary purposes, etc.

URBAN Services, responding to the requirements of the security issues related to the above-mentioned areas, provides specialized services by personnel properly trained in the particularities of the facilities and the applicable regulations that govern them.

Risk prevention and management

Parking access control

Intervention and prevention of malicious actions

Closed circuit monitoring

Safety, fire safety and provision of first aid

Establishment of a fire safety service in accordance with applicable regulations

Fire protection (according to current rules and standards)

Drafting and updating instructions on emergency response procedures

Training in the preparation of emergency response procedures

Management of firefighting equipment

Training on the implementation of containment and evacuation procedures

Training of employees in health services and provision of first aid


Specialized service

Use of a drone with a thermal camera in areas over three acres.

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