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Urban Security
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Our company

Urban Services, with a dynamic presence in the field of protection – security and cleaning services, is one of the most important companies in the industry providing specialized services to organizations and companies of all types and regardless of size.

By analyzing your business and its area of activity, our consultants can provide you with an objective analysis of the security issues facing your business, so that we can suggest the best solutions and proceed to the organization of the most effective security and protection plans.

20 Years

Our course

Our company, having passed a 20-year successful business course, now holds a strong position in its fields of activity with its excellent technical training, specialization in the full range of our services, professionalism and a sense of responsibility and respect towards our customers.

Its reputation is confirmed by our long-term collaborations and the trust shown to us by our regular customers, all over Greece. It also employs a large number of staff whose development is dynamic and continuous, making our company a very important employer.

It is noted that the average annual increase in human resources is about 30%, with an impressive increase in some years.

Company Values

Our principles

Urban Services, from the beginning of its establishment, has relied on the following basic principles, which contribute to its development and progress:

Respect for the customer and his space.

Respect for employees in the customer's space.

Immediate response to any need arises.

Immediate solution of any problem that arises with good intention to solve it.

Creating relationships of mutual trust and honesty.

Respect for our staff, in order to motivate them offering the maximum in their workplace.

Ensuring excellent and safe working conditions for our staff.

Commitment to continuous development and improvement of our services.

Our Aspirations

Our goals

In a market that is becoming more selective and competitive, we anticipate the future requirements of the industry and responding to the needs of our customers, we seek new perspectives by constantly enriching the range of our services with new partnerships and systems.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of quality services based on safety and reliability, better service to our customers and the development of a framework of mutual trust with them.



Urban Services’s reliability is ensured by having Lloyd’s Professional Liability Insurance Certification.