Security of small & medium enterprises

Security of small & medium enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises in many cases are an easy target for malicious actions. Regardless of the size of their structure or their budget, our company offers security and protection solutions tailored to the requirements of each business.

Based on the special security needs of each company, URBAN Services has developed a special department for mobile security and protection services. Our specialized agents are available at any time, 24 hours a day and are constantly moving with privately owned response vehicles to all locations with immediate response in case of receiving an alarm signal.

Our services include:

Presence at the opening and closing of the business

Patrol at fixed and / or random times with privately owned cars

Accompanied by company staff

Intervention and prevention of malicious actions

Ensuring the safety of industrial or residential areas

In addition, large companies, in accordance with provisions and regulations, are subject to the obligation to ensure the safety and health protection of their employees. More specifically, in companies with more than 50 employees, employers are required to take the necessary measures and take care of training their employees on their safety, emergency management and first aid.


Specialized service

Use of a drone with a thermal camera in areas over three acres.

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