Security of shops

Security of shops

Providing a sense of security to customers is a prerequisite for the success and profitability of shopping malls and retail chains. Customers should feel that they are in a protected and comfortable environment during their shopping. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the space so that both customers and employees can continue their activities smoothly. Our services in such areas are mainly of a preventive nature, taking care mainly to prevent various forms of crime and to manage the flow of customers.

URBAN Services undertakes the guarding of stores of all kinds, having specialized personnel with appropriate experience, able to respond to any need and manage any unwanted situation.

Risk prevention and management

Management and control of human flows

Bag checking and inspection

Checking and inspecting bags when entering / leaving stores

Control through electronic closed circuit monitoring systems

Explosives detection and detection equipment

Intervention in case of alarm

Safety, fire safety and provision of first aid

Intervention and provision of first aid

Fire protection (according to current rules and standards)

Drafting instructions and implementing procedures related to emergency and evacuation procedures

Monitoring of technical installations


Specialized service

Use of a drone with a thermal camera in areas over three acres.

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