Security of industrial facilities

Security of industrial facilities

Industrial areas present a number of safety problems and lack of protection, the supervision and treatment of which is essential for their proper operation. The sensitive activities that take place in these areas, the dangers of sabotage, the use of hazardous raw materials, etc. make it necessary to guard and protect such facilities. With the implementation of the International Directive on the Classification of Dangerous Areas and the enhancement of their security, special provisions have been laid down for access to and protection of industrial sites in order to ensure the reduction of occupational hazards and the impact of industrial activity to the environment.


URBAN Services has specialized staff with many years of experience and knowledge of International Directives so that our services are fully in line with their provisions, offering customers effective security and protection adapted to all situations, even the most extreme.

Risk prevention and management:

Pedestrian and vehicle access control

Patrol and guarding of facilities with privately owned cars

Static monitoring services

Control through electronic closed circuit monitoring systems

Intervention in case of alarm

Prevention of occupational accident risks

Communications and mobile security

Safety, fire safety and provision of first aid

Intervention and provision of first aid

Firefighting principles and protection against fire hazard (according to current rules and standards)


Specialized service

Use of a drone with a thermal camera in areas over three acres.

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